Interview skills: What are the common questions during an interview and how to answer them?

Interview skills: What are the common questions during an interview and how to answer them?

Today, I will talk about how to deal with some of the questions asked by the interviewer during an interview, and how to answer them intelligently and skillfully. An interview is a very important process, and there are many places to pay attention to whether you can successfully get this job.


Why do you want to do this job:


Generally, this will be the first question asked, why do you want to come to our company to work, or what you think about this job. We can consider from a few points. Firstly, you can say that your major is inclined to this job and love this profession. Secondly, you can explain the prospects of this work, you are a very ambitious person, hoping to choose such a work that is conducive to your own development in the future. Thirdly, interest is the best teacher, since you are interested in this job, then you can do well.


Ask about the work you have done before:


Maybe you are not a fresh graduate, so there will be some work experience in your resume. Maybe it has nothing to do with this major or there is a short time, then how can we answer? First of all, if you have done a lot of work, it means that you have strong learning ability and are suitable for a variety of different positions, and you can quickly get started, but also have a very big ambition, constantly looking for the best job for you. Finally, when I came to your company, I felt that it was in line with the planning of my life goals.


What are your strengths and weaknesses:


Advantages and disadvantages are also very common questions during the interview process. I suggest that you can say that these aspects. Such as I am responsible for work; I am not afraid of stress and like challenges; I am willing to make contributions to the company, etc. About your weaknesses, I am afraid that the weaknesses you say are difficult for the interviewer to accept. You can answer like these, for example, I like to pursue perfection; I do not like people to be late, etc., to prove that you are a person who has high requirements for work and life.


Hope to help you. Best wishes to you!