Four aspects of preparation should be made before looking for a job

Four aspects of preparation should be made before looking for a job

1. When is a good time to start finding a job

When are you going to start looking for a job?

For many college graduates, they will say it is senior or before graduation. Indeed, it's almost universally recognized time to graduate from college. But when you start looking for a job, how sure are you that you will succeed? If you want to win the interview at one time, you should follow the principle of "the early bird catches the worm", and start to plan your employment plan as soon as you enter the University.

However, don't get me wrong. I think I'm going to start looking for a job when I enter the University. During college, of course, you still have to focus on your studies, but you can accumulate energy for your employment after four years and find the job you expect. And on the eve of graduation, this critical period of job hunting, there are many job hunting tips and taboos that you must know.

In today's society, with the rapid development of science and technology, the degree of internationalization is getting higher and higher, and the job market is even more volatile. No one can accurately determine what major will be hot or cold in three or five years' time? The major you study in university is not only directly related to your future employment but also affects your career planning, outlook on life, and values. Therefore, learning to analyze the employment prospects of your major has become a very important thing, it can better help you recognize your future path.

1.1 It's better to give up without interest

Einstein said:

Interest is the best teacher. The major you choose is suitable for your personal interest, so learning will not be boring, will not become a burden, but will become a kind of fun. Driven by interest, learning will have a kind of continuous motivation, and you will pass the exams smoothly. In the future, it will make you more passionate in the workplace. If your major is not what you like, you might as well give up as soon as possible to open another window of your life.

1.2 Selective participation in social practice to add points for future employment

As college students, is learning important or social practice important? In fact, it doesn't matter which one is more important. The key depends on how you adjust. Many foreign companies only take the candidates' academic performance as a reference, and some foreign companies have requirements for their performance. However, even companies that value performance do not only value students' learning ability, but also want to examine your attitude towards learning. "Students' duty is to study, and their attitude towards study maybe their attitude towards work in the future." A foreign recruitment director said so. Society is a classroom without walls; practice is a kind of self-training. Selective participation in some social practices, such as part-time job, volunteer, international exchange, etc., will not only exercise and improve your comprehensive ability but also personally experience the importance of team spirit, which is also the place that some enterprises value.

2.Search direction, set your career plan

2.1 What is your ideal career?

For every student who is going out of campus, this is a key choice to determine whether you are happy for the second half of your life. But many students are confused about their ideal career, do not know what kind of work they want to do, otherwise, it is an unrealistic delusion, always feel that they are superior and different. Although there are Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, more ordinary people are. If you step into this era of material competition and talent competition with a blank face or a self-esteem attitude, it is difficult to ensure that you will not fall off the chair and faint... One day like the above brother.

People, only with goals, can they have motivation. Maybe you say: career planning? I don't know what to do! Let the following help you to help you understand yourself, and learn to try to make a career plan for yourself, and design your future well.

2.2 Interest helps you find your ideal job

Many college graduates, will start with their own major when looking for a job. If you are very interested in your major at the University, congratulations. You can apply what you have learned and integrate your interest with your major, which will make you more energetic in your future career. But if your major in the university may be chosen by your parents during the college entrance examination, or because of the adjustment of college entrance examination scores, it is more likely that you will find that you are not interested in this field after four years of study. What are you going to do?

2.3 Think about yourself in ten years

In the face of employment, we should consider what we can see in this field and predict how much space our development will have. Although the plan can't keep up with the changes, we can foresee what your best state and income will be in ten years after you take this job? What can the worst look like? And weigh them. Many successful people are interested in finding a career when they choose a job. Only in this way can they persevere and remain motivated.

2.4 Interest makes work fun

It's hard to make a lasting development if you do a job that you are not interested in and does not conform to your professional characteristics. Sooner or later, you will face a career change. Natalie Berman, a Hollywood star, studied psychology at Harvard. Only when you are interested can you have enthusiasm. Today's society has opened many windows for your ideals. Fortunately, you have the right and the opportunity to choose your own window.

3.Where can I find the job you want

A correct way can make you fewer detours in the workplace, but in the end, the decisive role is only your ability.

3.1 You may not have to go to every job fair

Although the network is now developed, the job fair is still an important way for enterprises to "recruit people and buy horses" and graduates to find jobs. Whether it is a campus recruitment fair or large-scale graduate recruitment fair, every time there is a recruitment fair, it is certainly full of people. Sometimes, if several recruitment fairs are held simultaneously in a day, many students will not lose one, and "broke their legs" for a satisfactory job. In fact, not every job fair you have to go to, you can have the choice, the targeted decision this recruitment fair need not go.

3.2 Internship and part-time work are only one step away from the transfer

Interns have gradually become an important way for some famous foreign enterprises and state-owned large enterprises to train and recruit employees. IBM, Motorola, and other enterprises have plans to recruit interns. For the intern recruitment, standards are mostly strict, students need to pass the application, written examination, interview, and other layers of screening.

4.Resume, cover letter, the most critical step of successful employment

Most hiring managers believe that the professional style a person shows determines how he works in a future company. We should dress up neatly and neatly, ensure that we are in the best condition during the interview, leaving a good, lasting, and professional first impression on the recruiters. The same should be true for your cover letter and resume. A good job cover letter and a good resume are both your products and your salesman.

In the process of job hunting, your cover letter and resume are your most important means of publicity. Whether you are looking for a job online or looking for opportunities at a job fair, a good resume and letter are the "knock on bricks" to open your career success. When an HR manager faces a large number of resumes, it usually stays on a resume for less than half a minute. If you have no special resume and letter, you will be submerged and will be submerged.

When designing your resume, there are several parts that can definitely impress the person who looks at your resume, which is also the key to decide whether the other party gives you an interview. How to make your resume more "selling point", from the following aspects to start.

4.1 Professional achievements

If the college students have no outstanding work performance, they should use their excellent academic achievements to impress future employers and strengthen them by quantitative means such as numbers, percentages of time. We can turn learning ability into working ability and present it to prove that we are very good people.

4.2 Capabilities in all aspects

Summarize your abilities in all aspects, enhance strengths and avoid weaknesses, and conquer future employers with your personal charm. The essay should be direct and fascinating.

4.3 Performance

Whether it is paid or free, it is full-time or part-time, internship or applicable. On the premise of ensuring authenticity, try to enrich your work experience, but the expression should be concise. Try to choose the job performance related to the industry, company, and position you are applying for.

4.4 Award

Your professional achievement, ability, and work performance are your own subjective statements, and the honor you have ever received is the most objective weapon to express you better than others.

4.5 Career planning

A soldier who doesn't want to be a general will not be a good soldier. Making sure your plans for your future career in your resume will make the employer feel like you are a planned, purposeful, ambitious person. Ambition will drive the pursuit. On the contrary, those who dare not think, dare not to do, can only become a small staff, the value brought to the company is very limited.

4.6 Resume format

When writing a resume, make sure to have designed. The important part that can be noticed must be put in front of the word, and the font of individual keyword words should be increased and thickened. The format of your resume should be clean and clear so that people who look at your resume can find out your advantages at a glance. But don't overdo it. Make your resume fancy.

What's more, you will attach your own personal art photos and photo portraits to your resume. Unless you are applying for a model or a position that needs an audition, such as the host, the news anchor, etc., it will easily cause the dislike of the person who sees you. For general work, it is suggested that you design your resume in a proper, neat, clean, and streamlined professional writing style.